Thăm Viếng Cô Nhi Viện / Orphanage Visit 5/16/09

     How do you explain to a three-year-old child what electricity is?  How do you explain how are those strong bridges built over mighty rivers? Why is the sun so hot? Why does the fire burn? Why do we close our eyes when we sleep?
     There are so many things that children don’t understand and can’t understand. But our hug, smile and touch would soften whatever is harsh and subdue all that is coarse and unkind.  They are so simple that just a single candy could create friendship and a simple “sorry” could relieve their anxious hearts.  This is a mystery that no perspectives could ever fathom. 
     Jesus was ever a lover of children.  He lays His hands upon them in blessing.  He says in his profound statement:  “…children… of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.  Anyone who doesn’t receive the kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”  There could never be ultimate happiness unless we receive these children and give them love.  These children are far more ready to listen and accept than grown-up people would as many of us are worldly-wise and hardhearted.  Children’s heart are open to divine influences and strong to retain lessons received.  Ask a gardener by what process he makes every branch and leaf to flourish so beautifully and to develop in symmetry and loveliness.  He will tell you that it was by no rude touch, no violent effort; for this would only break delicate stems. 
     We should give them every advantage that they form characters after the similitude of the character of Christ, and that in every grief and every need, we can give comfort and help just as Jesus did.

By Monalisa